Dog Boarding

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I require proof of shots for your dog. Required shots include Rabies, the Distemper/parvo combination, and Bordatella. Please check with you veterinarian to make sure that you are up to date. The dog facility is indoors where it is heated by FAG (forced air gas) heat. Each space is 4" X 11’ so each dog has 44 sq. ft. As well as the cyclone fencing, each run is separated by a 2’ cement divider so that no waste can transfer from one space to another. There is a hard plastic pallet so that the dogs do not have to lay on the concrete floor. Each dog may bring their own bed and their own toys. I do recommend that bedding be easily washable and that nothing breakable be left in the runs with the dogs. fThere is a radio playing for your dog’s enjoyment night and day. If your dog likes to chew, a large bone is nice for them. (No matter what I do, the kennel is more boring than home!) The dogs are taken to outdoor exercise spaces morning and evening. The outdoor spaces are a little bit bigger (4" X 15") with just gravel on the bottom. There are no solid dividers between the runs outside. Both the inside and outside runs are covered with wire, so that no animals can climb in or out. The dogs are hand walked from the inside of the building to the outside runs, are called by name, and petted if they want to be petted. They are outside approximately 20-30 min. each time.