Welcome to Paran Tree Kennel

Welcome to Paran Tree Kennel. We serve the Spokane Valley and the South Hill. When staying with us your pet is treated with loving care, and is only minutes from top veterinary
care. We are also the home of the award winning Swanson
Golden Retrievers. Take a look around our site and give us
a call. We look forward to meeting you and your special pet.

Paran Tree Kennel

Paran Tree Kennel Paran Tree Kennel of Spokane, WA is a loving and caring facility for pets. We offer safe, secure, clean, and comfortable rooms for both dogs and cats. The cat room is separate from the dog room. Each cat has its own "Kitty Playpen" which is 2' X 3' on the bottom and is 4' tall and contains two resting benches.

Our dog facility is indoors where it is heated by FAG (forced air gas) heat. Each space is 4" X 11' so each dog has 44 sq. ft. In addition to the cyclone fencing, each run is separated by a 2' cement divider so that no waste can transfer from one space to another. There is a hard plastic pallet so that the dogs do not have to lie on the concrete floor. You may bring your cats or dogs their own bed and toys.

Our cat boarding rate is for $11 per day / per cat, while our dog boarding rate is $16 per day / per dog. You won't find a better rate elsewhere. We are inexpensive because we love animals.

Come and visit us today. We have a certified pet care tech who will look after your pets.

  • We provide cat litter, and litter boxes
  • Cat calming pheromones to reduce stress in your cat
  • Radio playing for your dog's enjoyment night and day
  • Dogs are taken to outdoor exercise spaces morning and evening. Dogs are hand walked from the inside of the building to the outside runs, are called by name, and petted if they want to be petted

We are a member of the Pet Care Services Association.
Contact Paran Tree Kennel today at 509-924-8101